Milton Keynes Play Association (MKPA) has been working with the community for over 49 years – since the early days of Milton Keynes – providing support for the members of staff and volunteers that work with children and young people in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

There are three core services that we offer: play, training and the provision of resources. These three together allow MKPA to encourage the development of individuals and organisations through play in the local community. We also offer a wide range of activities and courses as well as stage fun and exciting events across the region.

Currently, we are running this fundraise to save our Scrapstore, which has been operating at a limited capacity.

Our aim is to be able to provide affordable resource, previously unwanted by business and industry through our much loved Scrapstore supported by essential supplies in our Shop. From paper and card to fur and plastics – and much, much more – it is accurately described as being like an Aladdin’s cave.

We need your help to keep it running.

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