Hobby & Craft Shop

Our hobby and craft shop is full of items which creative crafters will love.

Our shop

From paint to glitter, googly eyes to felt, we have something that will spark your interest and imagination. And if you are stuck for ideas – we can offer inspiration with seasonal craft kits such as making a Snowy Owl, Lantern Making, or build your own father Christmas.

Ideal for use by teachers and children in schools and childcare settings, or by children, young people and crafting adults. MKPA offers a multiple of interesting items at competitive prices. If you are a MKPA member you will also get a discount of 10% from items that you buy from our Hobby and Craft Shop.

Gift A Craft Set

We have created a number of craft and hobby packs. These guide how to complete the project and are made up of material that we have been able to repurpose from our scrapstore, along with things like pens / crayons etc to finish the creation.

These are handy packs for gifts for children or ideally prices for a “pocket money” purchase.

Through out the year the charity is working with the parish councils in some of the more deprived areas. We have been able to distribute packs to families at key points through the year but we need donations to support this initiative.

Become A Member

You can become a member when you visit our Scrapstore / Crafting Shop at Kiln Farm. We will ask you to fill in the membership application form and then you will be able to start to use our services.

Become A Member