Many companies have waste materials that they have to dispose of in some way.

Many companies have waste materials that they have to dispose of in some way. This generally involves sending the waste to landfill or for incineration, which is a poor use of resources, is harmful to the environment and usually costs the company money.


A lot of the material that is thrown away really is too good to waste. This is where our Scrapstore comes in.

We collect clean recyclable waste material from local companies and take it to our Scrapstore where it is soon put to use by a local playgroup, school, community group or any other MKPA member.


We always have a wide range of materials available for members to use for play, art and craft activities, den building, or design and technology projects.

Business or Individual Donations we would like to receive: 

1) Surplus and by-products from industry.

2) Otherwise as-new items which have outlived their value to the donor or can no longer be sold for any reason.

Examples of the first group are: 

  • Off-cuts of fabrics, leather, carpet, vinyl flooring (sheets or pieces of actual hessian-backed Linoleum are of great use to crafters)  
  • Cardboard tubes, cable reels & other such robust packaging, Artificial turf is greatly appreciated, (although we have a good source of that at the moment) 
  • Fairly large or regularly shaped pieces of sheet materials like Plywood, Polycarbonate, Acrylics, Hardboard. 
  • Paper, in  sheets, rolls, or any other form which can be painted or drawn on. 
  • Plastic film in sheets or on rolls, (especially anything self-adhesive). 
  • Foam sheets and sponge or rubber materials. 
  • Pots, cups & bottles, with or without lids, and/or lids which may match other cups or bottles. 
  • Wire, string, cord or rope.
  • Anything pretty or shiny which is safe to be handled by children, i.e. not sharp or a choke hazard.
Examples of the second group are: 
  • Materials used to decorate a one-off event which are no longer required, e.g. Draping fabrics, unused tableware, bunting. 
  • Paints, glues, or other decorative materials which may be past their pot life, in outdated packaging, or are the last of a discontinued line. 
  • Leftover promotional items for a past event.
  • Batches of items with factory defects, but still useful and appropriate for use by family & school groups
  • Art / craft materials normally supplied pre-packaged, but which have lost their packaging and are now loose, e.g. sequins, beads.
  • How to donate

  • If you are interested in becoming one of our donators, please call Ben on 01908 263033.

How to donate

It couldn’t be simpler. If you are a local company and have suitable items to donate, please just give us a call. We collect any suitable scrap items, FREE OF CHARGE, at a mutually convenient time.


We can find a use for most things, as long as they are clean and non-toxic. We have listed opposite some examples of the kinds of material we are looking for – although this really is just a guide.

Why not join the many local companies that are already doing the right thing for local children, while at the same time saving money?

2 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3HB or phone us on 01908 263033

Opening times

Monday – Friday 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday 10am – 3.30pm (We only open first Saturday of each month)
Sunday & Bank Holidays CLOSED

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