What Can I Donate?

Our purpose as a Scrapstore is take donations of clean/unused waste materials and so divert reusable/recyclable items from landfill in order to be repurposed.

Please note that we can't accept donations of any used waste materials.

The MKPA Scrapstore is a charity, not a charity shop.

We accept a wide range of craft items and clean/unused waste material. Here are the types of items we can accept:

  • All varieties of yarn and thread, including knitting, weaving, sewing, crocheting, rug making.
  • Fabrics: we can only currently accept large pieces of fabric or fabric on the roll.
  • No small scraps please – use these for your own projects!
  • All types of beads and buttons
New Products
  • End of line / damaged stock
  • Toys, Games, Arts and Crafts materials
  • Shop Samples /Window displays/fittings
Containers – all unused
  • Film Pots-Canisters (Plastic) -Plastic Pots-Sweet Jars
  • Cardboard Drums-Plastic Drums-Plastic Containers
  • Corrugated Paper (Rolls)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper rolls/unused printer paper
  • Acetate/Vinyl – Rolls / Trim
  • Aerosol Lids (Unused Bulk Batches)
  • Used water cooler bottles
Paper stationery
  • Calendars (Current Only!)
  • Diaries (Current Only!)
  • Envelopes
  • Unwanted branded paper/writing pads
  • Rolls of paper

Donate my scrap

Please be advised most scrapstores are inundated with lever arch files.

Perhaps it would be worth trying Freecycle? Find out more


Your donated scrap can be used in so many ways, helping so many children.


Card/Crafting Items
  • Card/Mounting card
  • Card Decorating items
  • Decorative stamps
  • Decoupage paper
  • Jewellery making accessories
  • Oasis
  • Artificial flowers/greenery
  • Floristry wire/wreaths
  • Sewing equipment/ cotton/sequins/fringing/buttons
  • Knitting/crochet items
  • Clean/undamaged plastic animal figures/dinosaurs
  • Christmas decorations / party items
  • Valentines Day/St Patricks Day/St Georges Day/St Andrews Day decorations / party items
  • Mothers Day/Fathers Day decorations etc
  • Wedding/Birthday decorations / party items
  • Event decorations / drapings / party items
  • Wood
  • Unused paint – samples or tins
  • Unused wallpaper
  • Tiles – wall or floor / vinyl or ceramic
  • Foam packaging/sheets

Donate my scrap

Do you have items not shown on our list, but think they are clean/unused items though could be repurposed? We do consider household clearance items and other items not on the list.

Please email photos to scrapstore@mkpa.co.uk

Help Us Teach Through Play

Your money will go towards keeping this charity running, creating craft boxes for the children of Milton Keynes and hosting essential training sessions to keep children safe.

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