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💜🧡Gift a Craft Kit to a Child💜🧡

Over the past 50 years, our charity, MKPA have been delivering free play sessions to the children of Milton Keynes. Last Christmas, MKPA teamed up with The Food Bank and Bar Bar Black Sheep to raise funds to supply free creative arts and craft kits to children who need them the most. Every child deserves the opportunity to explore creative play and spark their imagination.

This was so successful that we are continuing the scheme ALWAYS. Please still donate so we can continue to make crafting kits and give them out all throughout the year.

You can help the most vulnerable children of Milton Keynes NOW. By donating £3, you will provide a child with a bag full of arts and crafts, which will allow them to do what they do best: be kids!

Please support our local community. To gift a craft kit, please click the image ‘Gift a Craft Kit to a Child (16150)’.

#MKPA | #MakingPlayHappen | #MakingPlayMatter

Craft Kits

Snowy Owl Kit

Log Cabin Kit

Lantern Making Kit

Hairbrush Kits

Make a Journal Kit

Sock Gnome

Spring Craft Kits are coming soon!





Tissue Paper - single sheet
Ocaldo R.Mix Paint Purple
Marker Style Highlighter

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