Play Sessions Are BACK!

As we all know, this year has been a year of great uncertainty.

We at Milton Keynes Play Association are pleased to announce that we have faced these challenges and adapted our play sessions in line with government guidelines so that they can go ahead this Summer.

In previous years we have months of preparation planned to fulfill the play sessions within the community of Milton Keynes, working work alongside parishes to cater for their needs in advance.

This year many of our staff were furloughed until July and those that were working only had time utilised for operational activities.

The past 3 weeks we have managed to pull off the IMPOSSIBLE!

Our Three-Week Journey!

In just 3 weeks we have scheduled a detailed plan of where we will be conducting the play sessions accounting for the extra safety measures required, including scenario planning, precise project plans, risk assessments, site layouts and traffic management plans.

We have collaborated with our wonderful parishes to ensure risks are mitigated and our proposal for the play sessions are safe to go ahead.

We have embraced technology by introducing a booking system for our play sessions. This enabler ensures that the safety of all service users, volunteers and staff of play sessions is managed.

We have interviewed several volunteers and play workers who have come on board and taken it in their stride to help us prepare and create the vast materials required.

Some new, some seasoned, all our volunteers have had to undertake training for the new set up of play sessions and participate in trial days.

We wanted to share this with our community as we are PROUD of what we do.


Too book your child on an activity space, click the button below.

We are at the following locations over the summer holidays!

🎨Two Mile Ash
🎨Newton Leys
🎨Leon Park
🎨Lakes Estate
🎨Bradwell Common
🎨Bradwell Village
🎨Great Holm
🎨Browns Woods
🎨Walnut Tree
🎨Rickley Park
🎨Stony Stratford
🎨Fullers Slade
🎨Kents Hill
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