Milton Keynes Play Association


Lunchtimes are an often-forgotten part of the school day – they don’t fit into curriculum time at school, and yet play-times are a vital part of a child’s school day.


A positive lunchtime play experience for the child can lead to a more positive afternoon learning environment, and happier lunchtime staff!

The Play@Playtime project aims to support schools to improve their play-time experiences by offering play and related training to Lunchtime supervisors, looking at the physical environment of the play ground and wet-play options, and a host of ideas about ways of working positively with children.

Currently we are involved with several Milton Keynes schools, initially working with the midday supervisors and a group of children who have been nominated as ‘play leaders’ up-skilling them around the importance of play, the play types, the play cycle and the play principles. The feedback is very encouraging and extremely positive.

Contact us to find out more – 01908 263033