Milton Keynes Play Association

Woodland Play

Children climbing trees and getting covered in mud romping by streams used to be common sights across the country. Natural or “free” play was greatly encouraged, and many children would play happily without adults for hours. But fears of “stranger danger”, a growing love affair with computer technology, busier roads and fewer wild environments mean children are more likely to stay indoors.

Activities have become more organised and supervised, but some say this lack of independence and freedom could be damaging children’s development, as well as contributing to increasing obesity and inactivity levels.

MKPA has experience in running a variety of open-access and private woodland play sessions for children of all ages. This has included sessions booked by schools for children to enjoy a variety of activities including den building, rope swings, environmental crafts and group games. Please enquire to find out how we can structure a session for your group.

MKPA have previously run school holiday sessions in a number of woodland areas in MK. These are currently not a regular funded project, but will be advertised on our website and Facebook page as and when they are running.

Contact us to find out more – 01908 263033