Milton Keynes Play Association

MKPA works closely with Schools in and around the area covering Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

We offer a diverse range of training for staff and play services for children of all ages who would benefit from greater exposure to outdoor play.

Key Services for Schools include:

  • Play Services
  • Scrapshack
  • Traininge.g.  a 6 hour First Aid course specifically designed for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Administration staff at schools.
  • Consultancy – e.g.  playground facilities etc.
  • Equipment Hire


Scrapshacks are large containers which are filled with recycled or up-cycled materials and equipment suitable for outdoor creative play.

The Scrapshack is positioned in the school grounds in an easily accessible location for children to use, and is filled with “loose parts” for children’s play, and is refilled by MKPA every term.

The ultimate aim of a Scrapshack is to provide children with creative alternatives to directed games – children lead the play and need little or no intervention from adults.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to be creative during playground sessions. Our Scrapshack leaflet gives further information and you can visit the Giffard Park School website to see the benefits of a Scrapshack.


The Play@Playtime project aims to support schools to improve their play-time experiences by offering play and related training to Lunchtime supervisors, looking at the physical environment of the play ground and wet-play options, and a host of ideas about ways of working positively with children.

Visit our Play@Playtime page to find out more.