Teaching through play

Play is a critical part of any child’s development, yet it is sometimes easy to overlook its importance. Life today is often very busy, and it can be hard to find safe opportunities where children have the freedom, space or time that they need for play.

How We Teach Through Play

Our role is to help overcome these challenges so that children can have opportunities for child-centred play – and so develop social skills, build relationships, progress as individuals and keep healthy at the same time.

Play is so important that the United Nations has included the right to play in its Convention on the Rights of the Child. This states that we must “recognise the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities”.

We believe in this too. We do all that we can to champion the rights for all children to play openly and freely in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas and to provide practical solutions to make this happen.

play in the park

Every year, we host a series of play events which are free of charge, in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. These events are supported with funding from our Parish Councils.

All Play events

What are play events?

All events are ‘Open access’ play where children choose what they want to play and who they play with – children direct their own play, and there is no external goal or reward.

Do I need to supervise my child?

We would ask for all children attending the play events to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Where are Play events located?

The sessions we provide take place in many different outdoor settings, including playgrounds, parks and playing fields.

Who hosts the events?

All events are staffed by MKPA play workers, who are DBS checked and have an understanding of the principles of play and are either qualified in play work or are working towards a qualification in play work. MKPA play workers coordinate and manage our open access play sessions ensuring your child has a fun, safe and enjoyable session.

Do it Together – Family Learning

The Do It Together project engages parents in activities with their children through a series of planned sessions. Activities are based around different types of play using low cost and scrap materials. This project is self-funding with a small charge made for participation to cover costs utilising our in-house space.

  • Provides a safe and secure environment in which to nurture parent/carer involvement
  • Improves family communication by providing quality time together
  • Helps children learn new skills which can be taken back to use in the home
  • Designed to help build on confidence and self-esteem
  • Aiding and developing within the 16 types of play with parents/carers and children in play and "Doing it Together"

Craft Packs

We have created a number of play craft packs that are available to buy at a low cost. These packs encourage play, creativity and learning ideal for projects at home.

Coming soon!

Help Us Teach Through Play

Your money will go towards keeping this charity running, creating craft boxes for the children of Milton Keynes and hosting essential training sessions to keep children safe.

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