MKPA Governance

Milton Keynes Play Association, known as MKPA is a registered charity formed in 1971 to serve the children of Milton Keynes. We do this for public benefit through the provision of inclusive free play opportunities, the provision of resources, the delivery of training and provide support for all living and working with children in education, childcare and parenting. The association is governed though the Constitution and Memorandum and Articles of Association. We are also a company limited by guarantee available to see on our website.
Governance is provided through our Board of Trustees who give their time freely. Trustees are provided with a full induction including roles and responsibilities, training and support. All
Trustees are provided with guidance from the Charity Commission on their role and on public benefit.

MKPA has two guiding principles: Making Play Happen and Making Play Matter. Knowing how vitally important these are to our children, we constantly strive to spread our message, training and resources to the wider community.

Governing Documents & Annual Reports

MKPA Governing Documents MKPA was registered as a company limited by guarantee in 1995, the original governing documents were amended in 2000 replacing the original 1995 documents, then amended in 2005.

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